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For new construction or major remodeling, the preferred choice for insulation is spray foam. Basically, its primary function is to keep air outside whether it is the cold air in the winter or the hot air in the summer. Some amazing attributes of this product are that spray foam expands and fills in all cracks and completely adheres to the construction materials whether it is wood, concrete, brick, or metal. To find out if polyurethane high density foam is right for your project, or to get an estimate, visit spray foam insulation in Baton Rouge.

Spray form insulation will last a lifetime, it never changes or breaks down or disintegrates, as well as being resistant to mold and pests. For people who have allergies, it is a much healthier alternative. In most cases, energy savings range from 50-70%, and maintenance costs are nonexistent. Spray foam insulation’s strongest attribute is reducing the demand for electricity and conserving fossil fuels. Professional installers can usually complete the average size house in two to four days.

The foam will be applied using protective equipment such as a respirator. Specialized training and engineering practices i is required to limit exposure to the chemicals used to make the spray foam to complete the job. The homeowner will be advised by the contractor about how long to leave the house during installation and clean up.

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