Amazing Features That Make 9Apps Exclusive

There are a lot of Android app stores readily available on the Internet with the help of which one can easily install android games and apps. One of the foremostsubstitutes to Google’s Play Store is 9Apps. 9Apps was developed and is owned by a Chinese giant Alibaba Group. To download the 9apps you only have to type 9apps download on your web browser and can easily download it from its official website. The main reason behind the popularity of 9apps is its user friendly interface and the app availability. All the apps available on this platform are 100% secure without any glitches. As 9apps is an app store on its own that’s why, it is not available on Google Play Store. The basic requirement to install and use the 9apps is Android v4.0 or higher to use it on android devices.

The features which make 9apps interesting and unique from other app stores are the following:

  • Small Size: One of the primaryfeatures of this app is its size. The size of this app is only 3.7 MB i.e., it needs only 3.7 MB of storage space in your mobile and in exchange allows you to install a thousands of apps.
  • Wide variety of games and applications: There is large variety of apps and games available on 9apps and to select a particular app it will become very difficult for the user to search for that particular app, and to solve that problem there are large no. of categories to divide and segregate the apps into their respective categories. The various categories in this app are: Games, Wallpapers, Education, Stickers, Entertainment, Ringtones, etc.
  • Quick installation of apps: The installation speed of apps through 9apps is lot better than that of play store because 9apps comes with an advanced and latest download manager which assists in fast installation of apps.
  • Zero cost: This is one of the main reasons of this app that it is well-known because all the games and applications, available on this platform are available at zero cost. The apps which are paid in the Play Store are also available for free of cost on this app.
  • No language barrier: Other than English, this app is available in about 14 other languages, which is the most notable feature of this app.
  • Safety: 9Apps is 100% safe from viruses. The apps are uploaded in the mobile store only after conducting various safety checks to safeguard the data of its users.
  • Easily Compatible: This app has no compatibility issues, as it is accordant with all the devices with Android version of 4.0 or higher.
  • Simple UI: The user interface of this app is quite simple and easy to use. The apps can be easily selected from discrete categories and sub-categories to meet all the user needs. A wide range of filters are also available to make it easy for the users to search apps of their choice.

9Apps is a great platform to install the apps hassle free and for free of cost providing a lot of features and with user friendly interface.

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