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Ayurveda is the ancient and the most developed herbal system in the world which is continued till now. Ancient India classified the medicinal and healing properties of several herbs into an herbal healing system that can be utilized by anyone.  You can add each and every herb into your routine very easily.

Features of Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurvedic products in India work with an objective to treat people in a healthy way. Below are some of the features of ayurvedic products:

•            health care system for Mind, body, and spirit

•              Completely safe to use

•              Treats and eliminates the root cause of the disease

•              Effective natural treatment to detoxify the body

•              Highly rejuvenation treatments

•              Natural cure for the diseases

•              Cure diseases caused due to improper lifestyle

•              Establish a perfect balance between inner and outer world mind, body, and spirit will be in perfect health

Some Easily Available Ayurvedic Herbs

•   Cardamom

It is one of the spices that are originated in India. It is very beneficial to the body and helps to remove excess Kapha which is one of the doshas according to Ayurveda. Cardamom is a natural tranquilizer and brings clarity to the heart and mind. On addition of cardamom powder/ pods, it neutralizes the acidity of caffeine.  To get the best benefits of cardamom, you can use them in your everyday tea or use it in warm milk before bed.

  • Neem

Neem is ranked as one of the most powerful blood purifiers, and detoxifiers and this is the reason why you can find it in toothpaste, shampoo, and as the oil itself. Neem’s properties make it best to use for wounds, acne, skin diseases, and skin damage which is caused due to exposure to the sun. This herb is useful for all Pitta disorders and is also useful for joint and muscle pain.

  • Ajwain

For a strong digestive, ajwain plays an important role. It is capable of drawing out the toxins from the body and helps in weight loss. Besides this, it also heals painful joints, and therefore it is considered as an excellent herb to address Vata issues. You can add this herb in the tea and some vegetables.

• Turmeric

Many people in India use turmeric in their food. This bright-yellow spice is often used as a staple in most kitchen pantries and is full of extremely anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive properties. Turmeric functions in the purification of the blood and also work in bringing better circulation in the body. This Ayurvedic herb balances all the doshas because of its blood-cleansing and liver-cleansing properties. You must include turmeric into your daily life like people in ancient times use it. It is a traditional practice to add this vibrant-colored spice into milk to gain its major benefits.

There are many ayurvedic products companies in India which use these herbs to prepare products in the form of powders, tablets, teas, jams, soaps, massage oils, and pastes. Remember that, Ayurvedic products work properly when they are taken according to your current state of health, age, and season.

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