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What should you do about your Dandruff? Should you avoid?

Nearly two out of five folks today have dandruff issue. But the unfortunate news is that they are not at all doing anything about it.  These individuals give it a name of ‘seasonal change’, ‘organ changes’ ‘change in food’, and so on. But do you think that is the reality?  You know what you cannot take dandruff as a seasonal emergence because it can become a permanent part of your life if you do not do anything about it.

You can always count on products like Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo and regular use would ensure that your hair stay strong, clean and dandruff free.  It is true that everyone in life does deal with dandruff issue but sometimes the problem of dandruff can turn out to be a grave one if you are not doing anything.  What is the point if dandruff becomes a daily issue for you? What if hampers your confident and make you look ugly and really funny?

When should you start using a shampoo?

You know what you must start using a good anti-dandruff shampoo when you first see the signs of dandruff. It might help you to put a stop to it quickly and give you long-lasting guard against irritation and flakes. It might be known to you that flakes are the most common and certain sign of dandruff.  These are the most apparent and you can easily spot them.  However, these are not generally the main signs of dandruff. Here itchiness can be a sign that dandruff is approaching. Similarly, dryness and redness are even signs to look out for, though these can be tough to spot.

Can you be a victim of dandruff?

It could leave you stunned that around half of people are susceptible to dandruff, but studies show that it is a lot more probable to take place at specific times. Hormonal changes can provoke a dandruff flare-up, so the teens are mostly probable to experience it. You can also undergo the dandruff coming once you are in a lot of stress. Stress do fascinate dandruff and you might notice it soon if you stress a lot. Similarly you should also not skip that other external factors could also contribute to dandruff like sweat, heat and even pollution.

Can daily hair wash help?

No it is not the case because daily hair wash would rip up your natural oils from the hair and hence the natural defence of the scalp would go for a toss. Here, you have to ensure that even the best shampoo you are using, you wash your hair twice or thrice a week. You cannot wash your hair daily and nor you should give a gap of more than a week. The minimum wash in a week should be between 2 and maximum has to be 3.


Thus, you can make the most of ketomac anti dandruff shampoo to ensure that your hair is free from dandruff. Your hair would stay strong and safe. After all, timely precautions always help your hair and keep you away from dandruff.

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